TargetMol just introduced a brand new product

TargetMol just introduced a brand new product, portable monitoring deal (CCK-8) CCK-8

TargetMol just provided a whole new item, cellular phone monitoring method (CCK-8) CCK-8 is actually a completely prepared-to-employ one-jar option that gives a simple, fast, trustworthy and susceptible means of determining of cellular viability and cytotoxicity of several chemical contaminants.( ).


Cell phone enduring assay

Cell phone proliferation assay

Mobile phone cytotoxicity assay

Evaluating of anti-tumor prescription drugs


Cellular phone Counting Bundle-8 (CCK-8) will permit very useful assays. The package makes use of an incredibly typical drinking water-soluble tetrazolium sodium, WST-8, which produces a regular water-soluble formazan color upon decline in the existence of an electron mediator. The level of the formazan produced by dehydrogenases is directly in portion to the volume of house cell materials.

Benefits associated with CCK-8

A lot more fine than MTT, MTS, or WST-1

No-harmful to mobile

No natural and organic chemical substances important

Completely ready-to-use respond to, saves endeavours and boost workflow

Selling price

To enhance a completely new product or service, our company is costs our CCK-8 package 20-50Per cent less than primary competitors. See details below.(intermediate volume stage options are offered)

1 ml (100 exams) – $19 (.19/analyze)

10 ml (1000 investigations) – $79 (.08/examine)

100 ml (10,000 assessments) – $547 (.05/examination)

Whole rates timetable: tabs on-Set-8

The best way to acquire

In the event you require a calculate, be sure you answer to this particular specific email and uncover the size and style (ml) you’d want to buy. We will give you an insurance policy quote.

Should you don’t require a selling price, you must place an order through your institution’s acquiring process/office or obtain from TargetMol’s website.

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